Content or Reputation: What's More Important?
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Email Marketing Benchmark Guide: Main Findings

Yesterday I posted a link to the executive summary of MarketingSherpa's new Email Marketing Benchmark guide. Here's are some of the most interesting findings:

  • Inbox overload is the #1 concern of marketers. 
  • Lack of trust among recipients due to spam is their #2 concern. 
  • Only 2% of email marketers rate deliverability as their biggest challenge. 
  • Increasing trust is central to increasing open and conversion rates. 
  • Consumers judge companies they are familiar with less harshly than those that are new to them BUT if these companies cross a certain line, they become spammers in the eyes of their customers 
  • Positive reputation scores aren't necessarily a ticket to delivery, nor is the use of one or more authentication protocols. Content continues to play a role in filtering.
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