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Stephanie Miller's Top 5 Observations and Predictions for the Email Marketing Industry

Over on the Email Insider Summit blog Stephanie Miller (one of the industry thought leaders that I admire very much) posted her top five observations and predictions for the industry:

  1. Relevancy is key to success in email marketing.  As email marketing expands to include mobile distribution, social networking and multi-channel approaches, creating amazing subscriber experiences now includes not just pace and content but place.  We have more opportunity than ever and the technology is making it easier to tap multiple messaging channels to reach and engage with subscribers and prospects.

  2. Subscriber fatigue is real.  The bar is higher and we marketers need to step up and work harder to create compelling subscriber experiences.  Even outside of the horrible spam, our inboxes are too full of messages that do not speak to us as individuals.

  3. Sender reputation matters.  The ISPs and receivers are working harder than ever to battle the spammers, and legitimate senders still get caught in the trap.  There is still a lot of friction between marketers and ISPs/receivers, and marketers and government regulators.  We as an industry need to step up here to remove some of this friction. 

  4. Segmentation isn’t going far enough.  Stephanie was delighted to see how many more marketers are employing segmentation in 2007 than in 2006.  Bravo, bravo!  But the net effect for subscribers is still that too many programs feel generic.  We are not yet creating 1:many experiences that feel like 1:1 to our subscribers, and that is what is driving up fatigue and complaints and depressing response rates.

  5. List growth will come from well timed, short term email experiences, rather than one size fits all opt-ins.  Not every email experience has to be forever.  Instead, we marketers will be able to tap into the key moments of the customer lifecycle to create unique and powerful experiences when the customer is in market.  When the customer is not in market, we’ll send less email that focuses on relationship rather than transaction.

Thanks for sharing this wisdom with us, Stephanie! I really hope I can make it to the May edition of the Email Insider Summit.

Source: Email Insider Summit blog

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