Live Blogging from the Email Evolution Conference
Live Blogging from the Email Evolution Conference - Part 2

EEC Conference: US Legislation and Beyond

Here are my notes from the "US Legislation and Beyond" lunch session:

FTC is especially concerned about malware and spyware and online behavioral advertising

Eileen (FTC) talked about email and Can-Spam -> new report on Spam

ISP email filters are increasingly effective in keeping spam out of consumer inboxes

the spam that is getting through is a vector for crime  -it has code loaded on it that installs malware etc

the real spam they are up against is of the criminal type -> they urge everyone to work with criminal enforcers to support their efforts

can-spam enforcement is still a priority for them though

"you are responsible for knowing how your ads are being delivered to people's computers" -> is your agency displaying ads and at the same time installing stuff without getting specific consent? -> the FTC is very strict on not downloading software onto people's computers without their prior consent

online behavioral advertising -> they focus on data security as well -> need to have measures in place to prevent hackers from accessing your customer data
-> check out the FTC website and comment on their guidelines (by April 11th) - they want the industry to be self-regulatory -> however, they expect to have federal legislation on the use of personal data in the future.

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