Live Blogging at MarketingSherpa's Email Summit - Day 2 Part 1
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Top 5 Takeaways - According to MarketingSherpa

We had a major power outage and some internet problems today so as from 11am I couldn't post anymore. The summit is over and I will be writing my top takeaways later today or tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here are the top 5 takeaways as MarketingSherpa saw them:

1. marketers have to be more than marketers: they need to get along with sales, the CFO,... it's not just about delivering demand.

2. Is 2008 the year that email marketing get religion on landing pages? For the first time the landing pages are almost always part of the discussion.

3. It's all about the message: use the click-to-open rate to measure the quality of your content. It will tell you over time what kind of subjects your readers like.

4. Marketing + IT = a Happy Family :-)


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