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Adding More Images to Increase Open Rates?

One of the members of the Email Marketer's Club posted an interesting question on our forum yesterday:

Hello everyone,

One of my managers asked me recently about adding more images in hopes of getting our open rate increased. The thought behind adding some more images is that you may force the person receiving the email to download images and thus be able to track it.

I orginally designed the HTML email with very few images so if the person does not download images or have us added to thier safe list, they can still easily view the email and click on links.

Has anyone else thought of adding more images to increase open rates and does it work?


The best way to find out is of course to test it, especially is the manager is very persistent. Common sense and best practices tell us though that adding more images will do you more bad than good. What's your opinion on this? Let us know!

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