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Unsubscribe Do's and Don'ts

Most marketers handle e-mail opt-outs very poorly because they generally think people opting out of their e-mail communications is a negative event and treat it as such. However, opt-outs create tremendous opportunities for marketers to hone their e-mail programs.

For example, offering the option of receiving e-mail less frequently can save a subscriber who would otherwise opt out because of the shear volume of mail. Also, an exit survey could shed light on an aspect of the program people find irritating.

Some opt-out do’s and don’ts:

  • Don’t make people remember a password to opt out.
  • Don’t bury the opt out language in a large block of small type.
  • Do offer unsubscribers a preference center.
  • Do give people the option to receive less e-mail.
  • Do consider asking people why they opted out.

Source: ChiefMarketer's Special Report: The Opt-Out Opportunity

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