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Introducing Kelly Rusk

Please join me in welcoming Kelly Rusk as our newest co-blogger on BeRelevant!

Kelly Rusk offers a fresh, yet insightful look into the email marketing world. She began her email career as communications manager for cardcommunications, an email marketing professional services firm based out of Ottawa, Canada, where she managed the company newsletter and blog while helping clients devise smart email strategies and analyze reporting metrics.

In 2006, she led an initiative to be the first Canadian company publishing email trends report, which she oversaw until the company was acquired. She was also a contributor to Chris Baggott's book "Email Marketing by the Numbers."

While at Sitebrand (which acquired cardcommunications) her focus shifted to email marketing clients in the online retail sector. Now Kelly has a broadened professional focus as a communications officer in the public sector, however she still keeps her mouse on the pulse of email marketing through the BeRelevant blog and other industry resources. She also blogs about using social media for PR and marketing at web2dotwhat.com.

I am very excited about having her onboard! You can read her first post here:

Are you interested in becoming a regular blogger on BeRelevant as well? Let me know!

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