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Triggered Email is Only as Good as Your Data

Opt-in, Out-out and Feedback Loops: eROI Releases Survey Results

imageeROI surveyed over 500 marketers about their subscribe/unsubscribe process and found that while these processes are improving, they have yet to reach what we would call exceptional.

Here are some of the main findings:

  • only about 30% of email marketers use a confirmed opt-in method, where a confirmation e-mail including an activation web link (or requiring a reply email) is sent to verify the subscriber.
  • Only 29% of email marketers reiterate the benefits of subscribing on the thank you page, 11% define the email frequency, 11% offer a promotion or coupon, 20% display whitelist instructions and 8% offer additional subscription options.
  • When subscribers opt-in, about 30% of email marketers don’t pass them on to other sytems. When subscribers opt-out, about 65% of email marketers don’t pass them on to another system.
  • After opting out, 90% of email marketers do not follow up with subscribers, leaving a huge opportunity for additional channel communication. Of those that do follow up, 5% use direct mail, 4% follow up via telephone.
  • over three-quarters of marketers do not allow subscribers to adjust frequency settings as an alternative means of unsubscribing.
  • Nearly one-quarter of email marketers don’t know what they currently do with abuse complaints, or how they are handled.

Read more here or download the survey results in eROI's resources section (Quarterly Studies tab) .

These are very interesting results and they definitely show that there's still a lot of room for improvement.

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