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Sender-Line Branding Tactics In Retail Emails

To gain a better understanding of the range of branding tactics used in sender lines, Chad White examined both the sender names and addresses used in the promotional emails of 111 of the online retailers that he tracks via RetailEmail.Blogspot. Here’s what he found:

Sender Name Branding
In their promotional emails, retailers used one of four branding tactics with their sender names:

  1. They simply use their brand name.
  2. They use their dot-com branding.
  3. They use their brand name plus the name of the newsletter.
  4. They use their brand name plus the name of their division.

Sender Address Branding in Promotional Emails
Branding in the sender address is critical become not all email clients display sender names; some just display sender addresses. When looking at the branding of sender addresses of promotional emails, it comes down to whether the retailer uses branding after the @-sign in their address, or both before and after it. The consensus is the more branding the better, with 73% of major online retailers including their brand name both before and after the @-sign. The remaining 27% use branding only after the @-sign; none use branding only before it.

Clearly, a lack of branding before the @-sign is not a reason to change your sender address, but it’s something to consider the next time a change of sender address is required.

Source: Email Insider

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