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Happy Earth Day! Retailers go green with email...

We often see emails tied around holidays--especially the ones that mean big bucks for retailers. However, I was delighted to see a few emails in my inbox talking about Earth Day. Two were even completely dedicated to it!

Environmental issues are hot right now (and thank goodness - it's about time we start looking after the earth), so it makes great sense to promote your eco-friendly products via email or even your brand's earth-loving attitude. After all, email is the ultimate "green" marketing tool.

Banana_email_3My favorite of these emails was one by Banana Republic--who promote a cause-related marketing campaign in conjunction with earth day.
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The chic retailer is promising to donate 1% of its sales--up to $100,000 to Trust for Public Land, a non-profit dedicated to protecting green space. At the bottom it even calls for volunteers in New York and San Francisco to come out and help the cause in person.

While it's still all about the bottom line, this campaign just seems a lot more caring than the 'buy our eco-friendly products' by some of the other emails.

A great way to do something good for the world, and an awesome use of email.

Happy Earth Day!

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