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How Good Intentions Can Go Bad

Did the EEC spam its members? Ken Magill certainly seems to think so. Here's what really happened:

in celebration of Earth Day the eec thought it would be nice to give something free to our subscribers (just like we did when we gave away free dice from SubscriberMail during the holidays 2 years ago). We decided to go with one free issue of VIV magazine. We chose this because it both demonstrated how email can extend into the digital world even further and because it is an all “green” publication.

Sadly, when the service message was set to send, notifying people their eec gift was ready for review, a few things went awry:

  1. People received two or more emails with this notification
  2. The context of the eec Earth Day gift was left off the copy

While no one’s information was rented or sold to any other company, admittedly, the perceived recipient experience looked pretty poor. 

Source: EEC blog

Now, we all know that Ken Magill likes to post controversial articles and he's not afraid to spread gossip either, but he does have a point in his article: VIV Magazine had no business sending emails to the EEC list: EEC members never opted in to receive emails from third parties (it doesn't matter that the email was announced) and the offer (a digital woman's magazine) was completely irrelevant to a large part of its member base (a gift that would have been of value to all EEC members would have been eg. free access to one of their reports/studies).

However, let's not make this any bigger than it is. As far as I'm concerned, this was a mistake and I'm willing to forgive them for it.

Jeanniey has done and is doing wonderful things with the Email Experience Council and I would hate to see the EEC lose credibility over this.

And to answer Ken's question: Jeanniey assured me that the email addresses of EEC members were not added to Zinio's database.

You can read Ken's article here.

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