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How To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Stand Out From the Rest

How Did I Add The Twitter Feed to the Sidebar?

Lots of folks have asked me how I added the Twitter feed to the sidebar of this blog, so I thought I'd post it here. Let me start by saying it is super easy to do :-)

Sign in to your Twitter account, go to, and select "Flash, with friends" other. You can style the widget any way you want by changing colors and font sizes and then you copy the code to your website. It's as simple as that...

In this case I created a separate Twitter account called "emailexperts" and with this account I'm following a bunch of email professionals. The feed shows all the people that I follow with this account. Want to be added? Just follow @emailexperts on Twitter and I'll follow you back :-)

Come on folks, it's time to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. You'll love it, I promise! :-)

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