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Use Re-Opt-In Campaigns to Reengage Unengaged Subscribers

In this article, Morgan Stewart shares some tips on how to use re-opt-in campaigns to verify email permission and reengage unengaged subscribers on your list.

Unengaged subscribers result in lower response rates and wasted marketing dollars. Re-opt-in campaigns are useful for cleaning old or unengaged subscribers off your list by confirming which subscribers want to continue receiving marketing emails. This results in a healthier list and increased return on investment.

Based on his experience with these kind of campaigns he lists 4 best practices:

  1. Be clear in the subject line. These campaigns tend to be targeting subscribers who have not responded in a while, so breaking the mold with concise, straightforward, or even provocative subject lines help get people to open the email.
  2. Restate your value proposition. A concise restatement of what your subscribers can expect reminds them of what you are all about — and what they will miss if they do not confirm their email subscription.
  3. Use "yes" AND "no" options. By including that NO option, you will actually get more people to click YES.
  4. Send a second request. In Morgan's experience second requests to non-responders consistently get nearly the same number of opt-ins as the first, so failing to do so could have a material impact on the success of your campaign.

Read the full article here and don't forget to read the comments as well!

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