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Revolutionary New Tool Combines All Your Mailboxes and IM accounts

I have 6 email and 4 IM accounts that I regularly check, and until now I've been using Netvibes to keep an eye on my inboxes but I think I found a new tool that makes managing my inboxes and IM accounts even easier.

Email world: meet Orgoo, an e-mail/IM integration service that sticks together all your different mail accounts, contacts, and IM buddies onto one page. I've been playing around with it a bit today and I think it definitely has potentional once it comes out of beta. Here's a short video that gives you a nice overview of what it does:

In the welcome email I received when I signed up, it said this:

Just some of the things you can do with Orgoo:

  • Get all your IM accounts organized in one buddy list
  • Get all your email accounts in one inbox, or organized in separate folders
  • Create your own video chat rooms and invite your friends to talk
  • Send and receive SMS from your computer
  • Instantly reply to emails with IM
  • Save and organize all of your conversations regardless of platform
  • Find anything with Orgoo Search: emails, IMs, video chats, contacts, buddylists...

And so much more coming (very) soon...

  • Freemail - pull your Yahoo and HotMail freemail accounts into Orgoo.
  • SocialLink - get all the updates happening on yours and your friend's profiles on any of the social networks.
  • Calendar
  • Open API's so developers can build on top of Orgoo's integrated communications platform.
  • Video Chat Widget - have multi-user video chats right in your Facebook or MySpace profile, or anywhere that supports widget integration.
  • Conversation View
  • Improved Search - Yes, we know our current search, while accurate, is far too slow. We're working on it.
  • Safari - Users are already asking for it and very soon we will be supporting Safari.

It's a bit early still, but you may want to keep this one in mind when you are testing your email designs in different mail clients.

Hat tip: @morganwitt

PS. I have 3 invites to give away. Leave a comment in which you explain why you absolutely need one. I will give the invites to the 3 most original comments that I will select during the weekend :-)

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