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6 Strategies to Keep Readers Engaged and to Reduce Unsubscribes

You can help minimize unsubscribes by incorporating basic strategies to encourage customers to remain engaged with your organization.

  1. Establish loyalty programs that reward and incent current and future customers to remain active in your email messaging programs.
  2. Offer alternatives during the unsubscribe process, which is a very easy method to retain customers. A simple line or two of well-written copy reiterating the advantages of receiving your messages before they click to unsubscribe may prevent a possible opt out.
  3. Use your unsubscribe page to enable email recipients to reduce the frequency of their messaging. Often times, recipients perceive that they are receiving too many messages from your organization. Remember, your email message is competing in an inbox that is most likely full of similar offers from competitors.
  4. Use your unsubscribe page to function as a survey tool to find out why customers are opting out of your messaging. Incorporating a brief exit survey with the following questions can help identify customer-perceived issues with your communications and will help you modify your messaging to avoid common email pitfalls: "Do you feel that you receive too many messages from our company?" "Do you feel that the messages we send to you are relevant?" "Are other companies providing better offers/deals than our organization?"
  5. Test messaging frequency to obtain the optimal number of messages your customers are willing to receive. Monitoring your testing frequency and churn helps to identify the sweet-spot for the appropriate number of messages that you are sending to your customers.
  6. Use a remarketing filter to limit the number of email messages being sent. If you segment your database, you should avoid sending multiple messages to the same recipient on a weekly basis. Pick the most relevant messages based on the consumer's preferences and segmentation of your database.

Source: iMedia Connection

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