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Blog Olympics - Passing On the Stick

image This blog was recently selected by a Belgian blog called "Communicatiemannen" as one of their favorite blogs. I feel very honored and want to pass on the "stick" by naming 7 blogs that I enjoy reading most.

It wasn't easy to select only 7 blogs. I really did my best to cut down the list but couldn't get it down to less than 12 :-)  So here's the list of my 12 favorite blogs:

So how does this work? The blogs that I listed are now expected to pass on the stick and list their 7 favorite blogs (they don't have to be email marketing blogs).

The rules are that you have to link back to the blog that passed on the stick to you but you can't add it to the list of your 7 favorite blogs.

Update: the blogs are listed in random order!

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