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How to Keep a Recipient From Hitting the Spam Button

In this article over on MarketingProfs, Louis Chatoff, shares some tips on how to keep a recipient from hitting the Spam button:

Before they open your message:

  1. Make sure the From address is easily recognizable; it should contain the name of your company or organization.
  2. Make sure the Subject line is relevant and truly matches your content.
  3. Send your messages in regular intervals so the recipient comes to expect them.
  4. Do not over-send. If you send monthly, do not start sending weekly.
  5. And, most important, send only to those who have requested to receive your message. Do not send to addresses that come from a third party, and do not add members who have previously unsubscribed. Remember, it only takes one complaint in 1,000 to get all your messages blocked.

After opening your message:

  1. Consider adding a sentence to the top of mailing, such as this: "You are receiving this message because you have subscribed to list XYZ."
  2. Make sure the content matches the subject line and is relevant to the recipient.
  3. Make sure the Unsubscribe link is easy to find.

Read the full article here.

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