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How To Collect More Information From Your Email Subscribers

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  • The new definition of spam                
    recipients "define spam by the quality of the email itself -- not by the overall reputation of the company emailing them." So what are you to do? Spencer Kollas share some tips. 
  • Really Simple E-mail Segmentation: Getting Openers to Click - ClickZ
    "The good news about those who open but don't click is that they're able to see your images. The bad news is you don't know whether they're fully reviewing your e-mail and not finding anything engaging enough to click on, or whether your e-mail was opened in the preview pane a for a second as they scrolled past it, without looking, to get to another message."
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  • "This isn't to say e-mail creative is unimportant, but e-mailers really do need to assess how much energy they're spending on creative relative to crafting the offer and hitting the right target. I'd bet an evening's worth of cigars and vodka martinis that most are spending 80% of their time focused on the part of their effort that affects 20% of their chances of success."
  • This guide includes benchmarks and advice on when to begin your campaign, how much to increase your email volume, which days to send on, and how to stand out in the inbox during the holidays.
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  • Combined with their portability (the email address isn't zapped when you move jobs), it's no surprise to find business folk using them to get commercial email from informational websites and vendors.
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