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U.S. E-mail Marketing Volume Will Reach 838 Billion Messages in 2013, Forrester Says

IAB Issues Best Practices for E-mail Data Management

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has issued Email Data Management Best Practices, a position statement recommending privacy and data security guidelines for publishers, marketers and service providers.

Key best practices include:

  • Senders should only send commercial email to individuals who have provided informed consent

  • For all third-party licensed data, a global unsubscribe mechanism should be implemented

  • Consumer permission to receive commercial email from a List Owner cannot be replicated or transferred without reference to the original point of collection

  • Clear, conspicuous and repeated notice of data collection and use are required

  • Advertisers and marketers should authenticate their email by publicly registering the domains from which they send email

  • Anyone using email for marketing purposes should adopt and use authentication protocols for both their email and corporate domains

  • All parties should use a one-way encrypted hash to encrypt suppression files

The complete document is available at

Source: btobonline

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