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The Pendulum is Swinging Back....

Not too long ago, Matt Blumberg of Return Path wrote "It's interesting to note that after months (years?) of "email is dead" stories specifically around blogging, RSS feeds, and social media in general, the pendulum seems to be swinging back to email". You can read his full blog post here.

I manage a couple of blogs and it's interesting to note that the percentage of subscribers to these blogs via email is greater than via RSS....I guess this is part of the pendulum swinging back.

Of course, this hasn't always been the way...receiving blog posts via email is relatively new...but it seems to be catching on rapidly. I personally am a huge fan of email, and will choose subscribing to a blog via email over RSS any much so, that if a blog doesn't offer subscriptions via email I most likely won't subscribe to it.

Subscriptions via email is very easy to implement and there are various ways of doing it - from using an Email Service Provider to using something like Feedburner, which has a very easy to use 2 click step when using a blog provider such as Typepad or Blogger or the like.

Anyhow - if you're a blog owner and you don't currently offer subscriptions via email, I would encourage you to consider adding it to your blog - who knows how many subscribers you are potentially missing by not having this available?

And if you're not, I'd love to hear back from you as to which method you use to subscribe to blogs - and why.

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