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If you send it - they may reply

Today I recieved an email from - no, I won't name and shame - but basically the from address was:  ''.

It recalled to mind Seth's blog post: "If you don't want to get email...Don't send email"

I love Seth Godin's blog - who doesn't? He has the ability to remind us not to accept the things we sometimes blindly accept.

How long have we all been sitting back and accepting 'donotreply' emails from our service providers, retail vendors, utility providers etc etc?

Worst still - how many of us implement this tactic within our own email campaigns?

The reasons why not to do things are numerous, but 2 significant and obvious reasons are:

1: Using an invalid and not functioning email address may stop your emails from being delivered
2: You cheese off your customer - especially as most of the email I recieve like this are customer service based emails.

One of the wonderous benefits of email marketing is that it is a two-way channel. The more interactivity and the more replies -the (generally) more successful a campaign is considered to be.

So, why limit your success?

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