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The Decline and Fall of Email for Acquisition

Amp Up Email Results with Honeymoon Segmentation

Jason Baer has a great post up on his blog about what he calls the Honeymoon segment. Here are some highlights:

Subscribers to your email list are most likely to open, click, forward to a friend, and buy in the first 30-60 days after joining the list.

This is the Honeymoon and you need to use it to boost your email results - especially in the 4th quarter holiday shopping season.

Treat Honeymooners entirely differently than you do your other subscribers. Mail more frequently, ask them to forward to a friend, use aggressive offers.
Two components of the Honeymoon strategy you absolutely must employ are thank you messages and testing. Send an immediate thank you message to all new subscribers. That thank you should include a meaningful offer (preferably with a time limit) and a request to forward to a friend.
Second, use rigorous testing to maximize the impact of the Honeymoon.
Subject lines. Day of week. Time of day. Layouts. Offers.
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