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Dealing With Spam Complaints

Another excellent article by Stefan Pollard - this time he talks about spam complaints and how to deal with them. Read the full article here.
clipped from www.clickz.com
complainers are the people who hit the spam-complaint button on the messages they actually signed up to receive
once you figure out which segments of your list are most likely to complain, you can work to reduce the problems that spur complaints
The first question I always ask a client when resolving a delivery issue is, "What did you change recently?"
Identify all the ways subscribers can join your e-mail list. Then, see if one source produces more complaints than others.
If you can determine a common complaint pattern, you can develop strategies to reduce frequency before complaints spike.
Sometimes, reducing frequency of messaging alone is enough to bring complain volumes down.
Encourage people who want to get off your list to unsubscribe by making it obvious and easy.
Pull every address associated with a spam complaint. If you keep pounding them, the ISPs will assume you're a spammer.
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