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Getting Through the Postini Filter

Postini, the spam filter owned by Google, is notoriously difficult to get past. Mathew Patterson shares some tips to get past their filters:

it seems clear that Postini is placing a lot of importance on the balance between images and text (or HTML) in an email.

  • Avoid repeatedly sending messages to full or invalid mailboxes. You can do this by tweaking your bounce handling settings for each subscriber list.
  • Minimize the use of these words and phrases in the subject line, message body, sender address, and reply-to address:
    • Use of the word Free (although "free" tends to have more leeway than most other trigger words), $$, XXX, sex or !!! (any excessive punctuation)
    • Subject contains "Double Your", "?", "For Only" or "Free Instant".
    • Email contains at least 70 percent blank lines
    • The from field appears to not contain a real name, ends in numbers or contains the word friend.
    • The email claims not to be spam
  • Monitor new subscribers in your lists. Set suspicious "spamflag" addresses such as "abuse@" or "spam@" as Inactive subscribers unless you know the subscriber is legitimate.
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