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How to Build a Good Email List?

In this article, Kath Pay shares these 11 tips to build a good mailing list:

1. Make the initial opt-in form simple and fast to fill out.

2. If you need more information, such as demographic data or buying behaviour to target emails, send follow-up emails asking for this a little later in the relationship.

3. You also can add a couple of fields after the required fields but mark them clearly as being optional fields.

4.Use a form script that can detect typing errors. Or, ask users to enter their email addresses twice to eliminate errors.

5. Tell subscribers up front what you plan to do with their data.

6. Clearly label whether a field is required or optional.

7. If you ask for more detailed information at opt-in, add a brief explanation.

8. Use blank tick boxes that the subscriber must tick to give permission both for the opt-in and to
share their information with your third-party or co-registration vendors.

9. Don't try to trick subscribers with confusing  opt-in instructions.

10. Don't mix blank and ticked boxes.

11. Tell subscribers up front if you require them to receive third-party messages or offers you send on your vendors' behalf, even if you don't share that information with the vendors.

Read the full article here.

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