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How to Prioritize When You Are On a Tight Budget

Some tips from Karen Gedney on prioritizing marketing efforts:
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Suddenly, it's a whole new world and every expense is up for examination. So repeat this mantra after me: "Dollars spent should generate revenue." If you follow this mantra, your marketing priorities will arrange themselves.
When considering a number of different actions to take, put dollar signs next to each action based on whether it will generate a lot of revenue, a little revenue, or somewhere in between. Take the actions that generate the most dollars and leave the low-dollar actions for another day.
E-mail is a marketer's best friend when budgets get tight. You can use this time, when you might have to shelve bigger campaigns, to test all the low-hanging fruit. Brainstorm every kind of testing scenario you can think of, then use the dollar-sign approach to prioritize them.
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