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I noticed that Delicious did not post the pages that I bookmarked last week. Here they are:

VistaPrint provides blueprint for how to irritate your customers via email
"There is no reason to email your customers every single day…N-O-N-E. This is probably as major a violation against building trust with an email list as I’ve ever seen or experienced and I’d be hard-pressed to recommend VistaPrint to anyone in the future because of it." -- I had a similar experience with Vistaprint and will never buy from them again because of it.

MarketingSherpa Seeks Nominations for 2009 Email Marketing Awards

Here’s your chance to get some recognition for your email savvy. Enter MarketingSherpa's 2009 Email Marketing Awards competition. The fourth annual competition honors B2B and consumer marketers for email campaigns that really work. Think response rate, overall strategy and campaign goal

12 questions to ask about your email marketing

See if you can answer all of them. You might learn something along the way... Great stuff Mark! Thanks for sharing!

Email Marketing Q&A's
"At the eec, we don’t claim to have any silver bullets, but we do have expert answers to the most frequently asked questions in email marketing"

E-Mail Marketing Gone Wild
Folks, how do we ever expect our customers to take us seriously, when six in ten messages tell the customer NOT to pay full price?

Free HTML Email Template - "Welcome"

Aweber's latest HTML email template is designed to help you quickly and easily create one of the most critical (and often-overlooked) messages: the welcome email.

Restaurant Marketing: 5 List-Building Ideas
Just as with any other business, a restaurant’s email marketing campaign has to start by getting subscribers. So where/how can restaurant owners build their lists?

5 Factors for Measuring Your E-mail Reputation

To solidify your organization's e-mail reputation, Return Path suggests monitoring the following five data points that each ISP looks at...

The shelf life on email permission
Even though they opted in, subscribers are still marking your messages as spam -- and ISPs are noticing. Here are some fresh ideas to keep your email list from stagnating. -- Great article DJ!

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