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Online Retailers Are Becoming Pushier With Email Deals

Here are some clippings from a USA Today article "E-tailers push e-mail discounts to lure shoppers"
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Online retailers — grappling with a sharp drop in consumer spending from even their most gung-ho Web enthusiasts — are becoming pushier with e-mails that pitch the latest deals.
But such attempts to pump up sales threaten to drive away shoppers, who may already be starting to get bleary-eyed over the bombardment.
Internet Retailer's recent survey of 174 Web retailers, including those that operate stores, found that nearly half have increased the number of monthly e-mails they send compared to a year ago.
Dan de Grandpre, founder of, a site that keeps track of store bargains, said that he's noticed that stores are sending out more reminders and are blasting e-mails that offer discounts across many categories instead of just one item. The bulk of the e-mails are coming from apparel and furnishings chains, which have been hardest hit by the economic slowdown as shoppers cut back on non-essentials.
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