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Retailers Can Generate $2.9 Million in Additional Revenue With Transactional Email According to JupiterResearch

A new JupiterResearch study on transactional email finds that the average retailer can generate an additional $2.9 million in revenue annually by integrating promotional offers into transactional messages.

The complete, 15-page study is available for download from the StrongMail website.
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adding promotional messages to transactional email can generate $2.9 million annually in additional revenue, according to "The Transactional Messaging Imperative," a new JupiterResearch study commissioned by StrongMail Systems.

With the highest open and click-through rates of any type of email and volume rates set to double by 2012, transactional email represents a powerful channel for increasing revenue through the addition of relevant cross and up-sell promotions.  More importantly, it is an existing channel that can be readily leveraged for marketing, brand building and customer retention. According to the study, 60% of email marketers are already driving new revenue with transactional email.

The study recommends centralizing ownership of marketing and transactional email within marketing in order to gain efficiencies, facilitate coordination across channels and optimize marketing programs for transactional messages.

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