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TakeAways from MarketingProfs' Digital Marketing Mixer Event

Here are some great takeaways from MarketingProfs' Digital Marketing Mixer Event. The full post includes takeaways on social media en search marketing as well. Interesting stuff.
Test, test and test again. It’s critical that marketers always test and try new things before “sticking” with a best practice.
Permission is crucial. Before sending any e-mail, always have permission. Consumers, as a whole, are leveraging their power to receive only what interests them. Respect it.
Be unique. If everyone on your list is getting the same email, you’re doing something wrong.
Track performance. Stop focusing on e-mail list size, instead, focus instead on list performance.
Sticking to a consistent publication schedule is not necessary. only e-mail when you have something important or relevant to share.
Use Twitter to compliment your e-mail marketing. You can even get new e-mail subscriptions with Twitter.
Newsletters should follow the Pareto Principle. 80% content, 20% marketing.
Use transactional e-mails as a clever marketing opportunity. Within your orders and acknowledgments, mix in a bit of marketing.
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