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3 Steps to Superior Email Snippets

In this article, Blaine Mathieu explains why snippets are important and how you can make the best of them. Here are some of the things I learned:
A good subject line may catch a reader's eye, but the text that follows can determine whether your email is opened or deleted.
The top-line, or snippet, is the first sentence in your email that gets displayed after the subject line.
A correctly worded snippet builds on your subject line and helps your readers, especially mobile readers, decide whether to save the message or to read it immediately.
To make that top line work harder, both in the email inbox as a snippet and as the first line of your email, it is best to create a new one for each message.
Conduct an A/B test, sending your standard email message to one half of your database and the revised version to the other half to see if you notice a lift.
You cannot afford to waste a single line in your email message, whether it's a gorgeously designed, artistic-quality HTML message or a plain-text, no-nonsense email. The top line is your opening shot to tell the reader your message has value and should be seen.
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