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In his latest Email Insider column, Loren McDonald sums up 6 email marketing trends that he notices in the industry. Here are my main takeaways:
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Email lead-nurturing programs can help turn many cold and warm leads into those that are sales-ready.
On average, about a third of your list (or more) turns over every year due to bounces (2% to 3% each month), unsubscribes and spam complaints.
about 25% to 50% of the typical email list is actually inactive
Designing emails to render well across multiple environments has become a must.

email subscribers expect to decide these things for themselves:

  • Whether to opt in to your program in the first place.

  • When, where, how and even whether they will read your email messages.

  • If and when they want to change preferences for content, format and frequency.

  • Whether to report your email as spam.

  • Whether to continue receiving your messages in email or find another channel that serves them better.

  • When to end the relationship and opt out.
  • email is shifting from one-to-many message broadcasts to a personalized, event-triggered system of targeted messages
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