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Links for 2008-11-18

Here's an overview of interesting stuff I read lately:

AOL to Begin Using DKIM
AOL announced its plans to begin DKIM verification sometime this next year during an ESPC call moderated by Ben Isaacson of CheetahMail with special guest Mike Adkins from AOL.  DKIM is the next generation of DomainKeys, an encryption based authentication method, which is picking up adoption in the receiver community. Currently, AOL uses an IP based reputation algorithm to determine the propensity of outbound mail to be spam. Under the new paradigm, a sender’s domain will be verified against the DKIM signature with inbox success being determined by that domain’s reputation. Mike proposed that by the end of the first half of 2009 an initial version checking the signature will be in place. As part of this, AOL has deployed an address where any sender can check the validity of a DKIM signature against the AOL DKIM implementation. To check a signature, send an email to any address at It was also mentioned that SPF will be actively used as another data point providing information about a sender, whereas now SPF is checked but not used in the reputation algorithm. 

Always Have Smooth Landings with the Landing Page Checklist
The eec Email Design Roundtable have added a Landing Page Checklist to their Email Checklist Series. This checklist offers a collection of ideas that you can easily apply to your program.

AOL Launches Online Sender Support Tools
AOL is once again leading the industry in making available their knowledge and systems to legitimate senders

Follow deliverability on Twitter
Dennis Dayman provides a list of email marketing experts on Twitter

Campaign Frequency: Striking a Balance
How often should you send to your list of subscribers? It depends on your audience, your product, your content, and your marketing goals. These elements ultimately determine “your” optimal frequency. John Kirk provides some basic guidelines.

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