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Recession-Proof Email Tactics

Here are some clippings from an article by Wendy Roth on "recession-proof email tactics". To summarize, she tells us to do more with inactives on our houselist, don't increase frequency and use segmentation to target the right message to the right audience.
look for opportunities you might have overlooked in flusher times by waking up your inactive subscribers.
try to either bring them back into the fold or encourage them to take themselves off your list instead of filing spam complaints or deleting your messages.
1. Set your parameters. Are subscribers inactive if they haven't bought from you in two years, or if they just haven't clicked on your emails in six months?
2. Create a sublist of addresses that fit your inactive criteria.
3. Create a special message. Send a special, limited-time-only come-back offer, dangle a discount for filling out a profile, or link to a survey at your site to find out why they went dark.
instead of sending out more email in hopes that something will stick, try sending messages that will mean more to your subscribers.
Go back and look at how your program performed over the last year. Which efforts had the best response? If nothing looks hot, maybe it's time to try a little targeting.
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