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2009 Email Marketing Resolutions

Let me start by wishing all of you (and your families of course) the very best for 2009! May it be the best year ever! :-)

On my end, life has been pretty hectic over the last couple of weeks. Starting my own business certainly took up a LOT of my time. Check out my brandnew website at www.tamaragielen.com. Advice and feedback are most welcome!

Back to business now.

In Stefan Pollard's latest ClickZ column, he shares 10 resolutions to make to get your e-mail efforts back on track in the coming year.

Here are his top 10 resolutions for e-mail marketers:

  1. I Will Listen to Feedback
  2. I Will Give My Subscribers More Control Over What They Receive
  3. I Will Monitor More Than Open/Click-Through Rates/Revenue
  4. I Will Practice More Segmentation for Increased Relevance
  5. I Will Practice Good List Hygiene and Trim Inactives
  6. I Will Pay Attention to the ISPs
  7. I Will Work to Send Great Content
  8. I Will Make it Easy for Recipients to Know Who I Am
  9. I Will Be More Careful About Whose E-mail Efforts I Emulate
  10. I Will Banish the Word "Blast" From my Vocabulary

Each of these resolutions comes with a number of tips on how to achieve them, so make sure to read the full article here.

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