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Email Marketing Unconference/Barcamp: Who's in?

Anna Billstrom wrote a blog post on an idea she discussed with me when I was in San Francisco last week. Basically she would like to organize an email marketing unconference. We call it a Barcamp here in Belgium.

Basically the set-up is as follows: low to zero registration fee (if we can find someone to sponsor the location, food etc), cheap (but fun) location, agenda determined by the attendees, attendees are speakers and speakers are attendees...

Read Anna's post and let us know if you'd like to participate: http://www.banane.com/workblog/?p=648

You can either comment on the idea on Anna's blog, or on the Email Marketer's Club's forum.

Let us know if you'd be interested in helping to set this up or if you're interested in sponsoring.

Ideas for locations are welcome! Anything goes - we could even do multiple events in multiple continents.

Who's in?

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