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Multivariate Testing in Email Made Easy

image Multivariate testing - testing multiple variations for multiple placements such as headlines, images and call-to-actions - used to be complex and tedious to set up and analyze for email marketers.

That's why the founders of 8seconds decided to develop a tool that simplifies the process. They have just released this tool - and it is not only very simple but also very cheap to use.

How does it work?

Well, 8seconds provides you with an interface in which you define how many placements you have in your email and how many creatives you have for each of these placements. It then asks you to enter a link for each creative plus the url for the landing page that is linked to that creative. The tool will compile a small piece of code (and href and img tag) that you need to include in your email and will also ask you to define how much statistical validity you want to aim for.

Once you sent out the email through your usual email service provider, it will serve different variations of your email until statistical validity is reached. From that point forward it will only serve the most optimal variation of the email - all in real time.

Check it out here and try it out for free.

Full disclosure: 8seconds have asked me to help spread the word about this product. Your honest feedback will be highly appreciated and will help 8seconds make their product even better.

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