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Four New Marketing Segments You Need to Know About

Use Your Post-Conversion Page To Grow Email Subscribers

Once a visitor has converted on your site, you know a few things about them:

  1. They sit nicely in your target market (they've just bought from you, after all).
  2. They trust you enough to purchase from you, or at least to give you some of their personal info.
  3. They have just completed the one action that was in the forefront of their mind & are looking for the next thing to do.

At that point, you have a nice opportunity to ask them to recommend you to a friend. Here are 4 ideas to get you started. Drop us a note in the comments with anything you've done along these lines.

1. The Free Gift

"Hi, John, we're trying to spread the word about and to do that we'd like to offer you the opportunity to send a Free Gift to a friend! Just fill in your friend's email address below and we'll drop them a note telling them you'd like to send a gift to them and asking for their address. Don't worry, we won't store their email address and we won't bombard them with emails!"

2. The Competition

"Hi, Diane, thanks for your order! We have a competition running right now. For your chance to win a free Nintendo Wii, just enter a friend's email address below. We'll give you one entry AND we'll email your friend with a free entry to the competition! Don't worry, we won't store their email address..."

3. The Special Offer Today

"Hi, Rohit, thanks for your order! Right now you're paying $3.95 delivery, but we'd like to give you a little special offer. Enter a friend's email address below and we'll drop them an email asking them to sign up for our newsletter. If they sign up in the next 24 hours, we'll totally refund your delivery charge! Don't worry, we won't bombard them with emails..."

4. The Special Offer Next Time

"Hey, Susie, thanks for your order - we're ecstatic you felt happy enough to buy with us today & we'd love to have your custom again. In fact, we'll happily give you 10% off your next order if you'll help us spread the word about Just enter a friend's email address below & we'll drop them a note asking them to visit our site. If they visit, we'll automatically send you a voucher for 10% off your next order..."

These are just 4 quick ideas. Let us know if you love them, hate them, or if you've done anything along these lines.       

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