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  • this has nothing to do with email marketing, but I really enjoyed watching this video so I though I'd share it with you :-)
    (tags: various video)
  • a great how-to post on creating 360-degree animated Gifs
    (tags: design)
  • Many companies use email newsletters to stay in touch with their employees and business partners. Since sending a newsletter is relatively easy, many senders don’t put as much thought into their publications as they should.
    (tags: b2b)
  • The bigger issue keeping email marketing from truly soaring through the stratosphere is that many marketers are under the illusion that their current email programs are great, even when they may be deplorable. Keep in mind that even the worst email programs (those with no real goal, strategy, or clickable calls to actions and terrible rendering) still drive results. What most marketers don't realize is how much more they could be getting out of their email programs. If they allocated even half the attention and budget to email as it deserves, then results would improve exponentially.
    (tags: strategy)
  • Some of this growth comes from large domains such as Gmail and Yahoo!. But much of this comes from many small domains that are also signing their messages.
  • this little app converts CSS rules into inline style attributes
    (tags: tools)
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