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Get Your Recipients To Add You To Their Safe Sender List

The Email Marketer's Club is Growing!

Back in 2007 I started a community for email marketers, called the Email Marketer's Club. My main goal was to give my blog readers an opportunity to meet, network and share knowledge with each other in an independent environment.

Today the Email Marketer's Club has over 2,550 members from all around the world and it grows every day!

I would like to thank Matt Vernhout for his invaluable help in running the Email Marketer's Club and I would also like to thank all our members that are active daily on our forum! 

Here's an overview of some of our most recent discussions:
For the second half of 2009 we have some exciting new stuff coming up on the Email Marketer's Club, including educational webinars, regular calls and more. So make sure to join the Email Marketer's Club if you're not a member yet!

If you are a member already, make sure to sign up for weekly updates that contain an overview of new forum posts in that week.
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