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Winning back inactive subscribers in 7 steps

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  • 2009 has flown by so far, and sooner than you know it, the holiday season will be here. Get a one-up on your competitors by starting your holiday email campaign planning now. Here are some steps to get you started:
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  • Managing expectations means adopting a "no-surprises" policy. This means you make it clear up front how the opt-in process works. State what kind of content they signed up for and how often you'll send it. Put as much control as you can into your subscribers' hands. Then, honor the expectations with the emails that you send. The mismatch – accidental or deliberate – between what a subscriber expects and what you actually send is what drives spam complaints, unsubscribes and disengagement.
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  • Due to the unique landscape of email, subscribers open and engage in five separate stages, judging each one individually before deciding to move on. The design, therefore, is a building view – not a static page view. Considering the following stages when approaching your next email design will not only be helpful in formulating a strategic email-building thought process for your brand, but also in delivering relevant content to your subscribers.
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