How Are ISPs Changing Their Spam Filters?
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  • Jeanne Jennings shares two free resources that can help you identify and address potential deliverability issues related to your sender reputation. The first is Sender Score, a free e-mail reputation service from Return Path. The second is EDS Alerts from Email Data Source, which allows you to monitor e-mail sent from a specified IP address or domain name, among other criteria. Either resource alone is valuable; when used together, they can provide the information you need to safeguard your e-mail reputation and deliverability.
  • This report gives insight into the levels of personalisation Irish survey respondents use in their email, what metrics they track, average open and click-through rates, budgets for email and the challenges they are facing in email marketing.
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  • There are two major changes that have already begun in beta behind the scenes at some ISPs that you, as a savvy marketer, should be aware of. Akin to your postal mail today being tracked by the return address (your actual street address), email has historically been tied back to the sending IP it originated from when handing the message off to the receiver. However, imagine your postal mail being tracked by your last name instead; regardless of where you actually reside. And then, by how many people who receive your postal mail actually open the envelope and do anything with it. That's what's happening with email -- your sending domain, IP agnostic, will be used in tracking the type of mail you send augmented by recipient engagement.
  • In their ISP Insights for 2009 and 2010 whitepaper, they quiz top ISPs on their current and future plans with regard to spam filtering, domain reputation, authentication and more. Very insightful stuff.
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