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IAB Releases Email Monetization Strategies Best Practices Document

Email monetization provides publishers, advertisers and audiences with a modern method of driving revenue, new customer growth and knowledge of new products previously only available via print ads and television.

The recently released “IAB Email Monetization Strategies” seeks to explain how email monetization works, present best practices and serve as a resource for publishers and marketers who wish to take advantage of email, which is one of the most effective direct and brand marketing mediums.

The recommendations outlined in this document offer best practices and advice for:

  • Advertisers
    • Leveraging email newsletters to reach a valuable audience
    • Using the email channel to test offers and promotions
    • Driving sales and site registration through stand alone email advertising
    • Criteria for choosing a email publisher
    • Emerging trend of video in email campaigns
  • Publishers
    • Revenue opportunities through sponsorship and ad units in email newsletters
    • Pricing models for email monetization
    • Inventory management
    • Data collection
    • Developing a video email campaign

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