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IAB Releases Email Monetization Strategies Best Practices Document

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  • This post is the Coles-notes version of Brian Walker of Forrester Research’s presentation "Key Trends in B2B eCommerce: From Fulfilling Demand To Creating Demand"
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  • The type of landing experience that’s best for you depends on the situation. Check out these guidelines to make sense out of the options
  • There is a pronounced difference between open rates for e-mails that include a coupon offer and those that do not. Open rates of around 24% to 25% for coupon e-mails dropped to just 16% to 18% for noncoupon campaigns, according to Experian.
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  • seniors aged 65 and older ("Matures") have made the Internet an integral part of their everyday lives. In a recent study, 77% report that they shop online. Matures lead all other generational groups when it comes to online activity, 94% regularly using email, 71% go to the Internet to look up health and medical information, 70% read news, and 59% manage their finances and banking. In addition, 47% of online Matures regularly play free online games.
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