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Interesting Way to Respond to a Bounce-back

Last week I received the below email in my inbox from a mystery sender called "do-not-reply". Hmmm... then I looked at the subject line that said:

Tamara, Regarding Your Subscription to Management for the Rest of Us

Okay, that gave me a clue as to who this email was coming from. This is what was inside:

Dear Tamara,

You subscribed to the above e-zine at the following Web site...

We host that e-zine, handling all its mailings to you. We recently
received a bounce-back from your address, which means that
something was wrong at that address. It may be just a technical
glitch, so we are contacting you to ensure that all is well.
If you receive THIS e-mail, all is indeed well. :-)

However, if this e-mail bounces back to us, we will watch this
account closely. If the next e-mail bounces back to us, too, we
will delete your address as being inactive. In that case, you will
not receive any more issues of the e-zine...

Management for the Rest of Us

In either event, you have nothing to do. Today's message is to let
you know about this. Just to repeat... if you are reading this,
your account is likely fine and we should not receive another

Please simply delete this message. Sorry for the bother --
we don't send many queries like this. However, a quick check keeps
our database current with bona-fide opt-in e-mail addresses and
reduces the number of e-mails we send out to inactive addresses,
helping to keep the load on the Internet down. It also ensures
that subscribers like you get their requested e-zine! :-)

All the best,

SiteSell E-zine Quality Team
As the email address that this was sent to is a valid email address that sends an out-of-office message to everyone that sends an email to it - I'm pretty sure this is a message that was triggered because of a soft-bounce. 

I thought this was a very interesting approach and I wanted to share it with you because I'm not sure what the upside is of sending out a message like this... 

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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