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  • Did you sign up with your last email service provider after a whirlwind romance, only to find yourself disillusioned just a few months into the relationship?

    If you picked that firm because it promised to make all your deliverability problems go away, you probably fell for the ESP equivalent of "I'll call you tomorrow." Here are five common promises that ESPs make, but find hard to keep

  • Nobody should want to send spam, and not just for ethical reasons: if you send spam, expect a hit to your brand and image. And expect people to report you as such, which leads to blacklisting and other problems.

    It's all about individual perceptions here, so let go of your own opinions. Everyone has their own definition and what matters is what recipients think: they're the ones with the finger on the (delete) button.

    So what criteria do users apply to define spam?

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  • Here are some coding tips for html emails. Enjoy!

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  • According to the November "2010 Marketing Trends Survey" of business leaders by StrongMail, 89% of respondents plan to increase or maintain marketing spend in email marketing and social media budgets in the New Year.

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