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  • Despite reports of its demise, e-mail is still the most popular method of sharing, and despite its meteoric rise of late, Twitter is still not a very popular sharing channel. In research performed by ShareThis, they found that 46 percent of shares came via e-mail, 33 percent from Facebook, 14 percent from other channels such as Digg,, LinkedIn, etc., and just 6 percent from Twitter.
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  • When it comes to coding html for email, the key is to focus on three things. First, you should keep it simple. The more complex your email design, the more likely is it to choke on one of the popular clients with poor standards support.

    Second, you need to take your coding skills back a good decade. That often means nesting tables, bringing CSS inline and following the coding guidelines I’ll outline below.

    Finally, you need to test your designs regularly. Just because a template looks nice in Hotmail now, doesn’t mean it will next week.

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  • "Despite claims to the contrary, co-registration isn't a quick fix or shortcut for list growth. It requires significant planning and maintenance to keep the program running well. However, if your partners and vendors are well chosen and monitored, it can be a solid way to grow your list beyond what you can achieve through more traditional means." says Derek Harding in this ClickZ article.

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