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MarketingSherpa's Email Summit: 7 Takeaways to Improve your Email Marketing in 2010

Takeaway #1. So-called email killers aren’t that deadly

One of the most significant themes of the event was the symbiotic -- not antagonistic -- relationship between email and social media (more on this below). 

Takeaway #2. Think like an integrated marketer, not just an email marketer

Email marketers must integrate their strategies with those of other departments, and make sure the email channel is connected to others, such as social media. 

Takeaway #3. Customer service is the new differentiator

Customer retention should be the new focus of marketing, and that satisfying customers, rewarding them for their loyalty, and empowering them to share their positive brand experience will help companies grow.

Takeaway #4. Think value, not just relevance

Just because something is relevant, it’s not necessarily going to inspire us to act. 

Takeaway #5. Test assumptions and best practices

Look at each of your email messages and ask yourself:
What am I asking the recipient to do? Why should they do it?
What is my objective? What is the best way to achieve it?

Takeaway #6. Promote your opt-in offer like a product

Market your email newsletters and alerts as a product with valueP and promote your email programs on all your social sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...). 

Takeaway #7. Better engagement will help deliverability

The industry is moving beyond reputation and authentication and toward the sum total of all positive and negative impressions of your company based on email practices. 

So while a subscriber hitting the spam button will still work against you, the improvements in opens, clicks and other engagement metrics that you achieve through testing, optimization, social integration and the like will help outweigh the occasional disgruntled recipient. 

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