How to Make Sure Split Images Render Correctly in Hotmail
Who said email marketing is dead? Facebook doesn't think so!

Some Good Deliverability Advice from AOL

AOL's Sr. Account Manager AntiSpam Operations Annalivia Ford, posted some good advice for email senders on her blog:
...reputation systems don't care about business models, protestations of opt-in, legitimacy, or urgency. They care about the response generated by a given stream of bulk mail. Whitelisting no longer provides bullet-proof protection from blocks; whitelisting is mostly dynamic and dependent on reputation.

Spam-foldering is also now largely driven by reputation. It's a much more fluid environment, wherein how mail is treated can change by the moment, and in which is it much, much easier to drive reputation down than it is to bring it back up.

Don't worry about what to tell the ISPs. If your mail isn't being treated the way you want it to be, look at the mail! Figure out what is causing the issue, and fix it.
Read the full post here: Polly wants a cracker!.
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