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Gmail is testing a feature that allows browsing within an email

This week Sears will be wrapping up beta testing of a potential new Google offering called “Enhanced Email,” which allows a form of browsing to occur within an email viewed within Gmail. 

For instance, in a limited test of the functionality last month, Sears was able to include seven “pages” containing 20 best-selling products that its Gmail subscribers could browse using the navigation within the module without leaving the email. When a subscriber hits the “next” link in the module’s navigation, the current set of products slides out of the box to the left and the next set of products slides in from the right in one smooth motion.

Andrew Kordek showed this feature live to me at the Email Evolution Conference in Miami, and we both agreed that it was VERY cool. Can't wait for them to roll it out.

I remember reading that Goodmail is also going to release a new product that is supposedly going to allow readers to buy products from an email without having to leave the email.

I wonder if the two are connected...

Read more about this on Chad's RetailEmail blog - he has a screenshot to show what it looks like!

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